Elemental Space Clearing® is a very unique space clearing method that utilizes the incredible potency and spiritual energy of mudras in combination with sound, essential oils, resins, flowers, gemstones and the power of prayer and the use of your intention.

Space Clearing is a term created by Denise Linn many years ago to describe the process to shift and change the energy felt in a home or office.  Native cultures all over the world had processes to clear emotional energy,  the energy of previous occupants, and even the energy of spirits and ghosts or other astral beings.

In our modern lives, this need to clear energy still exists, and is even used by the most important realtors in New York City to change the energy of a space in order to allow it to sell. Elemental Space Clearing® does MORE than just remove the stuck, stagnant or dense energy; it also infuses the space with the energy desired by the client.

Here are some reasons why would you need to have an Elemental Space Clearing in your home or office:

New jobAfter divorceNew relationship
Building new homeAfter illnessAfter purchasing antiques
Releasing a home for saleMoving into a new homeNew baby or family member
New project or habitTo create clarity in lifeNew arrangement of space
After argumentsAfter death of loved onePreparing for a life change
To release ghostsTo clear astral energiesRelease negative habits

You are invited to contact Buffy, a Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, to experience this magic in your space.


$100 and up, depending on type, location, and travel.