About Me

Buffy Swetland, Past-Life Detective

I have been curious and exploring different paths to healing, and who/what Spirit is, since I was a little girl. I grew up with animals, which I have to say were my saving grace. We moved around a lot, and horses are especially significant in my life. Since I was six, performing the simple tasks of feeding and cleaning, gave me a place to find peace in a chaotic time. I have raised, bred, trained and competed on horses since then including Folsom Jr Rodeo Champion, California State Trail Trail Champion, California Mounted Officer Trained and competed, coming in top 2 group in State Competition. Horses have always been there for me, and were really the only stability I had for many years.

Starting at 4 years old I had many strange, and sometimes very scary experiences, that now I understand to be Spirits, Ghosts, Empathic hits, Intuition, the Clairs, etc… Through my journey I have learned that I am not alone and there are so many others out there who are like me and who seek the light. Who are choosing love and forgiveness over hate and anger. Growing up I was in survival mode, which worked then, but not so well as an adult. This encouraged me to seek even more ways to heal those early traumas and plus ways to understand why I chose my family, and how they are my soul family, and what lessons I am here to learn.

I have been lucky enough to study many different paths and belief systems, study with many different teachers and wise souls, who have taught me to continue learning and how to be my own healer. Though I am not done learning or seeking, it is now time to share some of what I’ve learned to be true.

I have been trained and certified in many healing and spiritual modalities (such as… Reiki I and II, Massage, Flower Therapy Healer, Essential Oils, Chakras, Elemental Space Clearing, Psychic/Channel/Medium, Past Life Regression, etc…) Past Life Regression and messages from my guides, angels and loved ones who have passed have been most healing to me. I love how understanding more about a relationship or situation, can bring closure and release the karma associated with it. By having a better understanding, you unleash peace, for yourself and the others involved.

I am here to guide you on your own Past Life Journey, in a gentle and safe manner, to realize why you are here in this time and place, and with the people in your life who you chose to reincarnate with. I’ll also help you receive and trust your own messages as you journey to your own place of healing and understanding. While our paths may not be the same, they’ve crossed for a reason. And I am grateful… Much love xoxo