What is a Past Life Detective?

Like any good detective that helps to uncover clues and make connections on solving a case, I consider myself a Past Life Detective. Our past lives carry valuable information that affect the quality of our current life—patterns that repeat themselves, behaviors that support or sabotage our everyday lives, even understanding why we’re drawn to different interests and tastes. By connecting with our past lives, we can profoundly affect our current life, and bring forth a more desired experience.

I love, love, love this work and it will change your life in a profound way. As an Advanced Past Life Coach I will guide you on a past life journey into a lifetime where the root of some of your current issues, beliefs, blockages or struggles have originated.

1. It works for physical relationships
2. It works for healing physical challenges with the body
3. It works for people who have challenges with money
4. It works for challenges with success
5. It works for challenges with being creative
6. It works for people who have fears and phobias
7. Overall, there tends to be a sense of lack of fear of death, once you realize life is not a one-shot affair.

Even if you do not believe in past lives (or are not sure about reincarnation), this process STILL works. This journey allows you to not only see the root of an issue, but then take power steps and actions to resolve it.

Explore this website to understand more about me and to find out more about Past Life Regression and other services that I offer. Call or email if you have further questions or are interested in setting up a session. I look forward to working with you.